September 1, 2019 – Ottawa, Canada: After outgrowing their existing West-end Ottawa office, WiseWithData defined market leader in SAS migrations, has moved into a LEED Platinum certified building at the Sun Life Financial Center, 99 Bank Street. The new office, designed to house up to 25, is a premium suite complete with a full kitchen,  4 meeting rooms, a bar, automatic lighting, as well as pool, ping-pong and foosball tables. With fantastic amenities in the building including a gym, shower facilities, a massive open terraced atrium with a waterfall, and the unique Queen Street Fare food court, our employees will enjoy the best working environment in Ottawa. Commuting for our employees should be as a great experience, with a public transportation hub directly under the building.


 “So excited. After many months of planning, the new office is ready. Our staff have done an amazing job getting everything ready for this move. With our current growth trajectory, this won’t be our last move. This will however make a good home for the next few years as we grow, learn and work together as a team.”

Ian J. Ghent – President – WiseWithData 


About WiseWithData

Founded in 2015, WiseWithData are leading experts in Apache Spark™ and Cloud migrations of legacy SAS based analytics. The SPROCKET Migration Solution is the world’s only solution that converts SAS code to highly optimized native Databricks Delta and PySpark Dataframe API output with over 95% automation. The generated code is able to be run on-premise and in all supporting Cloud platforms including Databricks, AWS, Azure and GCP.

SPROCKET is fast, simple and accurate. Tailored for Enterprises and offered as a Conversion-as-a-Service, SPROCKET provides a seamless solution for migrating SAS based ETL and analytics jobs into the world’s most advanced analytics technologies. SPROCKET dramatically accelerates an otherwise intensive and error prone manual “brute force” process. Manually converting SAS code into production ready code could take months or even years to accomplish. SPROCKET maintains the original structure and workflow of the process, while simplifying testing & knowledge transfer.