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Of Businesses Are Planning Modernization Initiatives



Of Business Transformation Objectives
Can’t Be Met Without Modernization

But, Only


Achieve Their Modernization Objectives



Obstacle To Modernization Is Lack Of Automation Capabilities

* Source IDC

Analytics Modernization Brings
Massive Benefits



Modern Analytics Is Blindingly Fast & Efficient
Eliminate Costly Engineering To Handle Performance or Scalability Challenges
Get To the Value Faster
Stop Spending Hours Waiting For Results

How will 100x effect outcomes?



Elastic & Cloud-native Are Must-have Features
Leverage Structured, Semi-structured And Unstructured Data To Improve Outcomes
Unify Streaming & Batch Workloads
Use The Latest ML & Deep Learning Models

Don’t Miss Out On The Latest Tools



Supercharge Your Data Scientists & Engineers
Engage Massive Open Community Of Experts To Help You Solve Your Problems
Attract and Retain The Best Talent
Simplify Your Data & Analytics Pipelines

The Power Of Simplicity

What we can do to help you modernize

Analytics Platform Modernization and Digital Transformation

Many organizations have been using SAS based analytics for decades, but it simply can’t keep up with the demands of modern analytics. We help companies transition their processes into the the market leading analytical platform PySpark. Supported on all Cloud platforms, PySpark is fast, scalable and Cloud-native. We use automation to make the transition fast, simple and accurate.

🚀 Our automation gets you there faster

Cost Reduction or Elimination

Many companies have fallen into a dysfunctional relationship with their legacy analytics vendor. In this day and age where analytics is dominated by free open-source solutions, there is no value proposition for expensive proprietary analytics. We bring the features users want most into the leading PySpark platform, enabling you to ditch those large expenses and the restrictive licensing agreements that go along with them.

💵 We save you money, by reducing or eliminating costly proprietary software

Analytics Skills Modernization

While modern data scientists work in Python, we understand organizations still have many resources that only know SAS. With our unique modernization methodology, your resources learn the latest best practices for supercharging productivity. We turn SAS developers into modern data scientists & engineers. Using their own code as examples, we generate proper PySpark code, showing how to leverage the platform.

🏆 We teach your resources how to be PySpark superstars

PySpark – Everything You Need, Totally Free

Python PySpark is the undisputed leading analytics platform in the world today, and its totally free and open-source. Blazing speed, ease of use and features that far exceed legacy.

Moving To Public Cloud?
Learn More About Our Strategic Partnership With Databricks

Databricks is the leading analytics and data warehousing platform in the public cloud.

SPROCKET SAS To PySpark Migration solutions is offered as a Converson-as-a-Service for utlimate freedom.

We take care of all the details. You get production ready PySpark or Databricks code.


Select  Migration Package For Your Needs

SLA with timelines and guaranteed accuracy for peace of mind.

Upload Or Check In Your Slow Legacy SAS Code

Use our secure environment, or we can share yours.

Download Modern Optimized PySpark

100x+ better performance than legacy SAS on big data workloads.

Verify With Validator & Move to Production

Standardized tools and process for UAT validation, ensuring accurate results.

The SPROCKET Runtime delivers SAS Language Features and experience inside PySpark and Databricks.

Your SAS Developers will feel right at home.

Discover More About Analytics Modernization With SPROCKET


Learn how SPROCKET Runtime brings SAS Language features to PySpark

Moving To PySpark

Learn about the opportunities and challenges of moving to PySpark

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