Introducing the SPROCKET Runtime for PySpark

“All the performance and freedom of the industry standard open-source PySpark and Databricks platforms, combined with the power & flexibility of the SAS language”

A Familiar Friend: The SPROCKET Libraries & Database Access Engines

Fast track your analytics with a simplified way to your data sources, just like SAS libraries. With SPROCKET Runtime, no more messing about with data paths & JDBC connectors, get access to all your data in a single line of code. Simply register a library and get all the data at your fingertips.

Paint The Data Your Way With Custom Formats / Informats

Leverage the power & simplicity of Formats & Informats to transform your data. This feature of the SAS language is available in to be used in the PySpark DataFrame and SPROCKET RIPL API’s

Datastep Lovers Meet RIPL (Row Iterative Processing Language)

The flexibility of the SAS datastep language is now available as a PySpark API. Want to use by-group processing and retained columns, no problem. Do loops, and arrays, you got it! All the features you know and love, but with the ease of Python and the performance and scability of PySpark.

Never again be locked into proprietary and non-standard software

The SPROCKET Runtime library is Apache2 licenced open-source component, so no need to worry about being tied into proprietary or non-standard software.

Super Easy.

The SPROCKET Runtime is the best way to learn & transition to modern analytics. Super charge productivity with simple, powerful APIs.

Super Fast.

Modernize In Style

SPROCKET Brings SAS’ Best Features To PySpark

Still a fan of the SAS language? We are too! But the 60 year old programming language, designed in the days of punch cards is just not what it used to be.

Modern analytics demands the productivity, performance, scalability and features of the industry standard Python and PySpark. SPROCKET lets you use all the most powerful SAS concepts you’re used to, but without the quirks of a language designed before personal computers or the internet.