I would like to introduce you to SPROCKET SearchParty, the first step in the SPROCKET automated migration solution.

What is SPROCKET SearchParty?

SPROCKET SearchParty plays an important function in planning your SAS to PySpark code conversion. It identifies and catalogues the SAS processes running across your organization. Armed with this information, WiseWithData will help you develop the most comprehensive migration strategy and plan, ensuring your most critical processes are prioritized.

Here’s how it works … SPROCKET SearchParty searches for all Enterprise Guide Projects (EGP) and SAS files within directories it is granted access to. It then saves a copy of these files and their metadata in a folder. The metadata file is then shared with WiseWithData, which we use to collaboratively develop a migration strategy together.

Some of the advantages of using SearchParty:

  • The Metadata file created holds a lot of useful information such as:
    • where the file is located
    • file size
    • when file was last modified and by who
    • SearchParty allows clients to search for Key Words within all the files as well. The results are found in the metadata file.
  • The results folder created has an extract all option. This option will group SAS files in folders based on the EG Process flow they are associated with – as well as create a file within that folder with the order in which these files are to be executed. This saves hours of manual work to access all the SAS code embedded within EGP files.

Organizations need SPROCKET SearchParty as it will find ALL of your SAS files, saving time at the front end of your conversion project by planning your migration effort based on complete information and at the back end of the process, ultimately avoiding scope creep (no one wants to find missing files in the midst of a migration). Saving time = saving money.

How SPROCKET SearchParty works

SearchParty is given some information such as:

  • one or more directories to search
  • where to save results folder created
  • any key words user would like to search for in all SAS files

It then walks through each of the directories provided, searching for any EGP or SAS file. Once it encounters an EGP file, it extracts all the SAS file information within it, optionally extracting out each EG code node to a sas code file. When it encounters a SAS file not associated with an EGP file it moves a copy of it to the results folder and extracts the SAS file information.

Why do you need SPROCKET SearchParty?

Converting code from SAS to PySpark can be a long and painful process, especially with a brute force approach. Manual effort often results in errors due to inconsistencies with each individual’s approach to the work. To start your SAS to PySpark journey off on the right foot, SPROCKET SearchParty will provide you with complete information you need – quickly – to develop and plan your migration.

For more information please get in touch with us at hello@wisewithdata.com