I have the privilege of exchanging with Chief Data Officers around the world.  I’m noting a consistent trend emerge with their data science modernization efforts.  Getting rid of legacy is a bigger challenge than most anticipated.

CDO’s all know that to make real-time decisions, organizations will need access to the most up-to-date data.  They understand they must democratize data (both structured and unstructured), evolve processes, restructure, challenge cultures, and re-architect technology stacks to support data team success.  They get that the data should be open and accessible across different tools and systems across silos — not locked into closed formats or proprietary systems inaccessible by other technologies or teams. 

They are excited about the future of Apache Spark as a unified data science platform with its open source innovation in advanced analytics, ML/ AI, NLP and optimal decisioning etc.

However, a key issue is removing these proprietary/legacy systems from day to day work streams.  No one quite anticipated it being this hard to get rid of SAS. Even as they brute force their way through a SAS migration, new models are being built and are relied upon by the business.  One banking CDO I spoke to said he’d been trying to get rid of SAS for over 5 years.  Despite best efforts, he was upset about having to renew the SAS license again with an annual 20% fee increase.

The only way to address a SAS migration is to automate it.  Wise With Data ‘s SPROCKET conversion as a service is the world’s only automated SAS to PySpark migration solution. 

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