If your organization’s made a decison to move to the Cloud, chances are you are considering one of the top Cloud Service Providers.  You should know they all run Apache Spark for its lightning-fast cluster computing and incomparable data processing performance –  @ 100X faster than anything else available on the market.   Which is why in conversation with our customers, we continue to emphasize there being no easier way to migrate to the Cloud than with Spark.

Moving data to the Cloud is no small feat and there are many options and considerations involved. Likely these will be happening in parallel with broader digital transformation objectives your company’s prioritized, including, but not limited to:

1. Becoming known as data and analytics driven

2. Fostering innovation

3. Leveraging modern technologies (to attract / keep talent)

4. Upgrading systems and processes

5. Reskilling your workforce

Regardless of the drivers for moving to the Cloud, most are still in the midst of their migration with business-critical legacy systems. All too often there is inadequate documentation and the specialist developers who originally implemented the code may well be long gone from the organization.

When it comes to migrating code, there are 3 options: rehosting (aka “lift and shift”), rewriting or refactoring.  With any of these options, your organization might be looking at hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lines of code to convert which comes at considerable cost and effort, and will take many months if not years.

This is the very challenge Wise With Data looked to solve when we developed our SPROCKET automated SAS to PySpark migration solution.   Fast, simple and accurate, SPROCKET automates the code conversion from legacy SAS to PySpark, producing production ready code that can easily be ported to your Cloud (we’re vendor agnostic).

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