November 30, 2020 – Ottawa, Canada: Apache Spark™ experts WiseWithData, signed a long-term Spark support agreement to help TransUnion optimize and maintain their Hadoop/Spark clusters. Under terms of the agreement, WiseWithData will provide ongoing expertise in configuration, maintenance and optimization of their Spark platforms. This service offering is now a standard offer available to any customer. 


“We are happy to be expanding our offerings in this direction. It’s key that we recognize that supporting our customers doesn’t stop when the code is delivered. Many organizations we are working with are undergoing a large scale transformational change. At WiseWithData, we need to be the guides that help them exploit the true potential of  Apache Spark and related technologies.”

Ian J. Ghent – President – WiseWithData

About WiseWithData

Founded in 2015, WiseWithData are leading experts in Apache Spark™ and Cloud migrations of legacy SAS based analytics. The SPROCKET Migration Solution is the world’s only solution that converts SAS code to highly optimized native Databricks Delta and PySpark Dataframe API output with over 95% automation. The generated code is able to be run on-premise and in all supporting Cloud platforms including Databricks, AWS, Azure and GCP.

SPROCKET is fast, simple and accurate. Tailored for Enterprises and offered as a Conversion-as-a-Service, SPROCKET provides a seamless solution for migrating SAS based ETL and analytics jobs into the world’s most advanced analytics technologies. SPROCKET dramatically accelerates an otherwise intensive and error prone manual “brute force” process. Manually converting SAS code into production ready code could take months or even years to accomplish. SPROCKET maintains the original structure and workflow of the process, while simplifying testing & knowledge transfer.


 About TransUnion

TransUnion is an American consumer credit reporting agency. TransUnion collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries including “200 million files profiling nearly every credit-active consumer in the United States”. With revenues exceeding $2.5B USD, it ranks amongst the largest credit reporting agencies in the world.