April 20, 2021 – Ottawa, Canada: WiseWithData, leaders in legacy SAS migrations, announces a partnership with Databricks to migrate SAS code to the industry leading Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Under the arrangement, WiseWithData will provide full integration of its SPROCKET SAS automated migration solution, generating native Delta (PySpark) code on Databricks. Databricks will now be able to offer WiseWithData’s SPROCKET solution to its customers, allowing them to confidently take the next step in their transformational journey to modern analytics.

Databricks, the Data and AI company, is founded on revolutionary open-source technologies, notably Apache Spark™ and Delta Lake, with up to 50x performance gains. These tools provide simple and powerful interfaces essential to modern data science and engineering. Databricks combines these technologies with compelling collaboration features, and additional performance capabilities tailored to analytics and AI in the cloud, vastly improving collaboration and productivity.

While SAS was the undisputed analytics market leader in past decades, it has fallen out of favour in recent years, as the trend towards high-performance, scalable, open source analytics took hold. Delighted by Databricks, customers see a stark contrast to their legacy analytics platform, which is based on 50 year-old proprietary technology. They struggle with performance, scalability and the costs of that platform, while longing for modern features and Cloud-native capabilities.

Using a 3-pronged approach, SPROCKET is a comprehensive migration solution, helping customers plan, execute and validate their migration to Databricks. Together, Databricks and WiseWithData will be helping customers free themselves from the shackles of legacy, to embrace the future of analytics and AI with an open, modern lakehouse platform.


 “We’re thrilled to be working with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, to offer a seamless way to migrate legacy workloads into Delta Lake. Databricks offers its customers a simple, open and collaborative platform that unifies the entire data ecosystem with open source, standards and formats. Fast, simple and accurate, SPROCKET gives customers the confidence to move existing legacy workloads into Databricks, empowering them to leverage the full potential of this incredible platform.”

Ian J. Ghent – President – WiseWithData

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About WiseWithData

Founded in 2015, WiseWithData are leading experts in Apache Spark™ and Cloud migrations of legacy SAS based analytics. The SPROCKET Migration Solution is the world’s only solution that converts SAS code to highly optimized native Databricks Delta and PySpark Dataframe API output with over 95% automation. The generated code is able to be run on-premise and in all supporting Cloud platforms including Databricks, AWS, Azure and GCP.

SPROCKET is fast, simple and accurate. Tailored for Enterprises and offered as a Conversion-as-a-Service, SPROCKET provides a seamless solution for migrating SAS based ETL and analytics jobs into the world’s most advanced analytics technologies. SPROCKET dramatically accelerates an otherwise intensive and error prone manual “brute force” process. Manually converting SAS code into production ready code could take months or even years to accomplish. SPROCKET maintains the original structure and workflow of the process, while simplifying testing & knowledge transfer.