As we announce our strategic technology alliance with Databricks I can’t help but to think how customers see these types of announcements. Partnerships are announced everyday, it is not uncommon to see a large enterprise hardware vendor announce a partnership with a software vendor to deliver a better end to end solution for their customers. Take for example a data protection company partnering with a storage company. This makes a lot of sense, data being backed up by the software requires a storage platform. But software is supposed to be hardware agnostic, and storage is supposed to be software agnostic. As a customer these announcements are often viewed as having no value. Heck, if you look at the supported storage hardware or list of “strategic” partnerships it would seem that every major storage vendor is on that list.

So where’s the value to the customer? Oh, right… There’s a white paper telling me how to connect my components together. Calling for support to either organization doesn’t improve, there’s still finger pointing. Did I save any money or improve efficiency is choosing these partners and implementing them into my environment? Again, not likely. If the storage environment saved me money on my software licenses, maybe, but would either organization be happy with this outcome? Right, not likely.

So why are we so excited about our announcement and why do we feel the Databricks and WiseWithData technology alliance, or partnership different?

Simple, we share common goals for our joint customers and work together on a daily basis to ensure our mutual customers achieve success. Improving the outcomes of your analytic workflows, reduce the financial burden of legacy solutions such as SAS, and deliver a modernized approach to advanced analytics. Databricks not only provides cloud native technology, but it also delivers a flexible and highly performing platform for your SAS workloads. Improved performance means faster time to results, achieving more outcomes in less time, and less physical hardware.

WiseWithData delivers the SAS code migration service into Databricks to ensure you recognize the value of the new advanced analytic platform quickly. By migrating code quickly, you are able to achieve your end goal of removing the SAS licensing costs in a rapid fashion as well. To ensure your legacy SAS workflows take advantage of the features and improved performance Databricks delivers, the code is not simply copied, the code goes through a transformation process to improve efficiency. This code migration work is completed leveraging our automation tool, overseen by our Data Scientists who are proficient with both SAS and Databricks languages, to deliver converted code more than 50x faster than a programmer manually rewriting the code by hand, more than 100x faster than that programmer re-writing code to be more efficient and performant on Databricks.

Did you know the average programmer can manually convert 200-300 lines of code per work day. The WiseWithData automation service converts more than 10,000 lines of code in the same time frame.

The customer value? I get that everyone measures value differently, so to be fair here a few examples of the value you will recognized working with WiseWithData and Databricks: Increased performance of more than 100x, removal of legacy application costs such as associated support and license fees along with physical infrastructure costs, a fast code migration enabling you to recognize the time to value quicker, improved and more efficient code, opportunity to clean up old and redundant code, and a modernized single platform for all of your analytic needs.

With this announcement our customers achieve success and see better outputs which have resulted in increased revenue and new business opportunities. This isn’t another generic partnership where we tell you how we work together, this is a strategic alliance empowering our customers to move forward, displace legacy technologies and save money.

Together, WiseWithData and Databricks complete your SAS modernisation puzzle.

Do you see the value? Are you ready to learn more? Leave a comment or reach out to our teams to learn more.