Success Stories

Financial Services


TransUnion, a global credit risk agency needed to completely remove SAS from within a subsidiary and move to a more modern and scalable platform. They were dealing with mission critical performance issues and facing steep increases to their licencing costs. WiseWithData’s SPROCKET Migration Solution leveraged to modernize their analytics into the state-of-the-art PySpark analytics platform.

Key Details:

  • Hundreds of users on large SAS grid environment including SPDS and EM
  • Total SAS assets represented 800K Lines of Code (LoC); rationalized down to 400K LoC for migration
  • Highly complex environment, ETL for 3 large scale data warehouses,15 production Enterprise Miner scoring models, hundreds of quasi production and ad-hoc end-user processes


  • Experienced 10-100x performance improvements in production (without additional optimizations)
  • Closed the door on rising SAS licensing fees with over $1.2M+ in annual direct cost savings
  • Addressed a talent gap of dwindling resources with SAS skills
  • Delivered on-time and on-budget in under 1 year, avoiding an additional costly SAS renewal


    Canadian Crown Corp.

    The organization was suffering from considerable performance issues. A number of users were having issues completing processes in a timely manner, causing downstream operational issues and regulatory non-compliance. After spending considerable resources trying to improve the existing processes, a decision was made that some processes would need to be moved into a scalable high performance solution, PySpark. SPROCKET automation was leveraged to quickly convert processes with performance issues into highly opimized PySpark DataFrame code.

    Key Details:

    • SAS assets represented ~50K Lines of Code (LoC) and 5 processes


    • Completed migration in a 6 week period
    • Performance improved by > 100X, minimizing risk of non-compliance
    • Improved relationship with regulator, results are now reproducible without needing outdated skills and costly closed source (black box) software

    Health Care

    Health Canada

    Heath Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) administers a $1 Billion CAD health insurance program, the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) to first nations people in Canada. The program covers pharmacy, dental, vision and medical transportation. WiseWithData, experts in Analytics, was called up to support their ongoing efforts to combat fraud, waste and abuse within the NIHB program.

    Key Details:

    • Needed to enhance their fraud detection and prevention solution
    • Wanted to improve data warehouse and BI reporting capabilities


    • Repaired several broken data warehouse components built by a previous contractor
    • Developed new Web based audit tracking workflow tool called BA3, which revolutionized their audit tracking and performance monitoring capabilities
    • Work was delivered under budget and ahead of expectations


    Canadian Insurer

    Insurer needed to completely remove SAS and move to PySpark. They could no longer find resources that knew SAS to support the organization, new grads being hired knew Python and PySpark. WiseWithData’s SPROCKET Migration Solution was leveraged to quickly move them off of thier legacy platform.

    Key Details:

    • Over 50 users across a large single SAS server with connectivity to many different databases
    • Total SAS assets represented >200K Lines of Code (LoC); rationalized down to 100K LoC for final scope
    • 100 quasi production reporting data flows and analytics jobs and 50 analytical processes


    • Performance of most processes over 100x better
    • Migration in < 3 months
    • Annual direct cost savings > $1M